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Pennsylvania's Hex Murders

Pennsylvania's Hex Murders

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Pennsylvania's Hex Murders

Tourists arrive by the thousands to enjoy the classic sights and attractions of Pennsylvania Dutch Country: Amish families in horse-drawn buggies, vast farms, old-fashioned smorgasbord restaurants, and - of course - the colorful floral and geometric designs of the hex symbols attached to brightly painted barns.

Few of these tourists realize, however, that as recently as 90 years ago, hexing and witch doctoring were still very serious subjects in this region of the Keystone State. In fact, in several cases, these primitive superstitions led to bloody murder.

In this episode Stephanie tells the story of two of Pennsylvania's most famous "hex murders" - the killings of Nelson Reymeyer in York County, and Susan Mummey in Schuylkill County.

Learn about pow-wowing, witch doctoring, and other primitive Pennsylvania Dutch beliefs that just might still be practiced today.

NOTE: to read Stephanie's feature article, on which this episode is based, visit this link: Pennsylvania's Hex Murders.

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