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The Legends of Lycanthropy

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Show Notes -

Werewolves: The Legends of Lycanthropy

As the old rhyme goes...
Even he who is pure of heart
And says his prayers at night
May become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms
And the moon is full and bright.

We all know the legends - but where did this myth of "man-becomes-wolf" originate? Are these simply exaggerated stories of one of the world's most efficient natural predators? Perhaps the werewolf's carnage is symbolic of the savagery man has inflicted on man over the centuries. Or, could there actually be some underlying truth to the folklore? Stephanie has that story - but she'll leave the conclusions to you.

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The following music (or edited pieces thereof) were used in this episode:
• White Hats by Wayne Jones (You Tube Creator Studio)
• Apocalypse by SYBS (You Tube Creator Studio)

Werewolf image created by Ria Sopala from Pixabay